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Archive of: February, 2016

  • Council tax rises 'will not cover' social care shortfall

    Planned council tax rises will not bring in enough money to cover the rising cost of social care, local authorities in England warn.

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  • Unpaid carers can't keep on plugging gaps in the NHS and social care

    More people need care than get it, and the gap is growing. Support for family carers is vital. The Care Act  which came into force in April 2015, for the first time puts unpaid carers on an equal footing with those they care for. So what has the impact been on the lives of carers?

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  • Preventing Illegal working in the Care Sector

    Immigration enforcement teams are working closely with local authorities, care agencies, care providers and other government departments, to prevent illegal working in the UK. Illegal working presents a significant safeguarding risk to staff and most importantly, to recipients of care, who are often vulnerable members of society. If an employer has not completed 'right to work' checks on their workforce, or if an employee has used forged documents to gain employment, their identity, criminal history and qualifications cannot be verified.

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  • Suffering alone at home - A UNISON report on the lack of time in our homecare system

    There is an escalating crisis in our homecare system and one of the most devastating manifestations of this is the lack of time homecare workers are given to provide dignified care for the elderly and disabled.

    This report, based on data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveals that 74% of councils in England are still commissioning 15 minute homecare visits.

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  • Care homes and the NHS: The silent scandal?

    Reports have emerged that GPs are going to stop visiting care homes. This is part of a much wider problem the frail and vulnerable in homes have in accessing basic health services.

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  • Everyone should have friends and support - social care has a role in tackling isolation

    Too many people are lonely. And isolation is very bad for our health and wellbeing. That's according to experts and academics

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