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Skills for Care event - Getting started with values and behaviours-based recruitment

Course content :-

  • what workplace values are
  • the benefits of establishing workplace values
  • working with others to develop and agree workplace values
  • communicating your values.

These are the vital first steps you need to take to ensure values are embedded throughout all areas of your recruitment and retention.

There will be an additional short session which introduces the tools and support we have available. Registered managers and service leaders will find this session particularly useful as it will focus on the resources and support for:

  • workforce challenges
  • workplace culture
  • performance management
  • leaders and managers and aspiring leaders and managers

It will also include practical examples of what ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ rated care looks like in practice.

For more information and to book a place click the below link:-$Y0CT_$z6Q8gCPuzNtwf47abuhEz