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Children in Care Homes

Our colleagues at the West Midlands Care Association (who run a DBS service) looked into this and their view is as follows:

"Under 16 they do not require a DBS but they must remain supervised at all times.  If its a group of children or its going to be a regular occurrence its wise to do a risk assessment.

Over 16 we'd recommend having a volunteer DBS check done if the individuals are going to be returning on a regular basis as this is the test CQC normally apply. 

A week's one off work experience would probably be OK (but again should be risk assessed and supervised at all times) but 2 weeks or more we'd recommend getting a check done.

The big problem with anyone 16-18 is usually the lack of suitable ID.  We normally recommend applying for a provisional driving license if 17+ (even if they are not planning to learn to drive)"

We hope that ECA members will continue to invite school children and young people into their establishments with appropriate checks and supervision. There is evidence that this interaction is good for both the children and our residents.